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Biogas slurry pig manure slanting screen type solid-liquid separator/cow dung dewatering chicken man

Production Capacity: (Raw manure) 15-60m3

Matching Power:

Applicable Materials: Animal manure

Product Introduction:"Tondda"brand series slanting screen solid-liquid separator is a new type and high-efficiency machine.The solid-liquid separator machine is a kind of dewatering machine for livestock manure,medicine dregs,lees.It can separate pig manure,duck manure,cow

Product Description

Product name: solid liquid separator

Product features:

Slanting screen type solid-liquid separator (another name: dehydrator, feces treatment machine, feces dry and wet separator, feces drying machine, livestock feces solid-liquid separation) using spiral extrusion continuous work of solid-liquid separator, in the separation of feces, can separate water flushing feces and scraping feces.At present, the dehydrator produced by our company uses 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm filter screen for filtration.It can separate and dehydrate high moisture materials such as chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure and biogas residue.

Performance advantages:

The solid-liquid separator of livestock and poultry manure has the characteristics of small volume, low speed, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, cost saving, high efficiency, fast investment recovery, and does not need to add any flocculant.The machine adopts high strength spiral shaft, corrosion resistant alloy spiral blade, screen mesh is made of stainless steel, spiral dragon blade adopts special treatment, the service life of other similar products is 2 times.

Farms manure treatment after application:

1. After dehydration and separation of solid excrement, the solid material extruded after treatment is almost odorless, and the stickiness is small, it can be directly used as         fertilizer, or used as cattle mattress material.

2. After the separation of dung, mix it into grass bran, stir it fully, add the strain to ferment, and make compound organic fertilizer by granulation.

3. At the same time can be made into pellet feed, a good feed for fish.

4. For flowers/special cash crops fertilization, can transform the soil organic matter.

5. Replace coal as fuel use, combustion value up to 5000 kcal.The effect is ideal.


Product Parameter





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