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What kind of fertilizer is good for sweetening mangosteen?

Update time : 2020-11-26 Publisher:Tongda

Mangosteen is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value. Many people love to eat it. Mangosteen planting has higher environmental requirements. Next, I will share with you the conditions of mangosteen planting, as well as the technical methods and measures to improve the quality of mangosteen.

Titanium fertilizer colorist promotes cell division, regulates plant nutrition, promotes fruit expansion, regulates the catabolism of anthocyanins and sugars, increases sugar content, increases pigment content, prevents fruit cracking, fruit drop, reduces sunburned fruit, and accelerates epidermal pigment cells The splitting of the fruit promotes uniform coloration of the fruit, bright fruit, increased sweetness, pure taste, and improved fruit quality.


1. Growth environment

Mangosteen is a tropical plant. It likes a warm and humid natural environment. It has very high requirements for soil quality and climate conditions. The soil fertility requirements are strong, and the surrounding water sources are sufficient. Because mangosteen consumes a lot of water and is resistant to high temperatures, sufficient water is to ensure timely irrigation and supplement the water demand of plants.

2. Soil Management

Planting mangosteen should choose deep soil and convenient transportation and management, and planting on barren hillsides or fields with irrigation and drainage conditions. Before planting, cut shrubs and weeds, dig roots, combine tillage and land preparation, and add fully decomposed human and livestock manure, soil and fertilizer Evenly, open the drain.

3. Planting management

Mangosteen will generally choose to plant around April, because the climate and rain at this time are very suitable. After the seedlings are planted, abundant rain and suitable temperature can make the seedlings germinate and grow quickly. Pay attention to the selection of seedlings before planting, and try to buy them at a more formal seedling market to ensure the quality of the fruit.

4. Planting management

During the planting of mangosteen, it is necessary to always pay attention to the fertilizer and moisture conditions. Mangosteen likes humidity and heat, so once the ground is dry, it needs to be watered in time, but there should be no water accumulation. Mangosteen is more prone to disease, generally during the growth period, once the disease is found, it should be treated in time to avoid affecting its future growth.

When fertilizing, fertilize reasonably according to the growth of mangosteen and soil conditions. Mangosteen is generally combined with loose soil, weeding, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in March each year after planting to promote the growth of mangosteen. From July to August, organic fertilizer can be added in combination with loose soil and clear whip to promote shoot germination.

5. Foliar fertilizer

Mangosteen is prone to fruit drop and uneven coloring during the fruiting period. In order to improve the quality and yield of mangosteen, a titanium fertilizer colorist is sprayed to promote fruit coloring, increase fruit sugar content, promote early ripening of fruit, and improve fruit surface Smoothness and toughness of the peel, not easy to crack the fruit, increase photosynthesis, increase the content of chlorophyll, improve crop resistance, disease prevention, and sunburn.

In short, mangosteen is a kind of plant with a long growth cycle. When planting mangosteen, you need to learn more planting methods and make all-round preparations to obtain high yield.

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