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Animal Manure Organic Fertilizer Advantages - Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Update time : 2022-06-01 Publisher:Tongda

Animal waste is good raw material of organic fertilizer, they are more and more popular in the world. Followin advantages of sheep manure.


1. Good effect to soi

A lot of organic ingredients exists in sheep manure, it makes soil strong, all kind of element in sheep manure are dissolve into soil, improve the quanlity of soil.

2. Beneficial microorganism

The sheep manure fertilizer helps microorganism reproduction in soil, it will help improve soil quality. If the microorganism die, it will make soil porosity, increase the soil permeability, it also provide a good live environ microorganism, the bad ingredints will get suppressed, finally it will be a recycle.

3. Comprehensive nutrition

Sheep manure has enrich nutrition, various elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium is fully. It also absorb heavy metal, recude crop pollution.

4. Improve crop stress resistance

There are many natural antibiotic in sheep manure, it improves stress resistance of crops, the ability of droug resistance, resistance and adaptation will be better. Crop root system will be better, then the crop grows well.

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