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Introduction of organic fertilizer fermentation tank

Update time : 2020-11-06 Publisher:Tongda

Henan Tongda Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the research and development of the most advanced manure treatment equipment and technology. The newly developed intelligent high-temperature aerobic fermentation tank whose basic process flow is divided into feeding, aerobic fermentation, discharging, and resource utilization. Using (organic fertilizer raw materials), the whole process has a high degree of automation, strong sealing, and no secondary pollution.

As we know that the fermentation is the first step and is very very important which makes full use of the activity of microorganisms in the feces to decompose organic matter, and produces high temperature The materials are decomposed to kill pathogens, bacteria and other harmful substances. During the fermentation process, the moisture content of the materials decreases and the volume decreases; the fermented manure can be used as organic fertilizer raw materials for agricultural production, which truly achieves harmlessness and reduction transformation and recycling.


Composition and function of organic fertilizer fermentation tank:

1. Conditioner (optional): If the moisture content of the manure is greater than 70%, dry organic matter such as dry manure, sawdust, rice husk, straw, etc. needs to be added, and the moisture content of the tempering should be below 70%.

2. Fermentation tank body: store fermented organic materials.

3. Stirrer: Stir the materials in the fermentation tank evenly to ensure even fermentation and achieve 100% ripening.

4. Ventilation pump: The high-pressure vortex air pump fully supplies the oxygen required for the fermentation process in the fermentation tank.

5. Automatic bucket elevator: Put the fermentation materials into the fermentation tank.

6. Discharge port: discharging the fermented organic fertilizer from the tank.

7. Control cabinet: It adopts PLC computer automatically and manually control and detect the fermentation process.

8. Access door: easy to maintain equipment.

9. Waste gas treatment system: the waste gas and dust produced in the fermentation process can be sprayed and purified to avoid environmental pollution.

10. The discharge conveyor belt (optional) can transport the organic fertilizer discharged from the fermentation tank to the warehouse and transportation vehicles.

Working principle of organic fertilizer fermentation tank:

Using the activity of microorganisms, the organic matter in the waste is biologically decomposed and decomposed, so that the organic waste is converted into organic fertilizer raw materials.

Organic fertilizers can be used for soil improvement, organic vegetable planting, landscaping, etc., to ultimately realize the harmless use of organic waste and protect the environment.

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