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What are the technological processes for fermenting organic fertilizer from livestock manure?

Update time : 2020-11-21 Publisher:Tongda

What matters should be paid attention to when fermenting organic fertilizer from livestock manure?



1. How to use

1kgBM decomposed strains can process 10-20 tons of fresh livestock and poultry manure. When using, mix 1kgBM decomposed strains with 100kg rice bran or sawdust evenly, and mix them into the fermented manure and mix well.

Note: Moisture adjustment is very important. Keep the moisture content of mixed strains at about 60%. The measurement method is: hold the mixed feces to be fermented, knead them into a ball, and throw the ball on the ground. It can be divided into 2-3 pieces, and it can't be thrown on the ground.

2. Operation process

1. Weigh the livestock and poultry manure needed for fermentation; (such as fermenting one ton of livestock and poultry manure, you can first weigh 100 kilograms, and then estimate the approximate volume of one ton, then estimate the volume of 10 tons, and so on. You can weigh out the weight of a cart, and then determine the weight according to how many carts.)

2. For each ton and a half of livestock and poultry manure, 100 grams of BM decomposing bacteria must be used, and the required BM decomposing bacteria should be mixed with several kilograms of rice bran, sawdust or oil; (the addition of wood chips, rice bran, etc. Sprinkle evenly into the feces.)

3. Operation steps

1. Take the livestock and poultry manure and spread it out flat on the open ground, and open the big piece;

2. Take a portion of the blended BM decomposed strain and sprinkle it evenly on the livestock and poultry manure. The BM decomposed strain should be in full contact with the livestock and poultry manure;

3. The moisture content of livestock manure is relatively large. Appropriately add auxiliary materials (such as straw, rice bran) and evenly sprinkle it on the surface of farm manure to adjust the moisture. The moisture content is adjusted to about 60%. It is advisable to hold it into a ball with the hand, and it is better to crack when you let go. Under normal circumstances, the weight ratio of livestock and poultry manure to auxiliary materials is 5-10:1, that is, 1000 kg of farm manure is added with 100-200 kg of dry auxiliary materials.

4. Use manual or turnover machine to stir, livestock and poultry manure, BM decomposed bacteria, and auxiliary materials should be mixed evenly and fully combined, and no large pieces should be allowed.

5. After mixing evenly, stack it on the ground, no need to step on, no need to shoot. 

4. Matters needing attention

1. The pile height of livestock and poultry manure fermentation is not less than 1.2 meters, the pile width is not less than 1.5 meters, and the length is not limited.

2 Don't be afraid of light rain during fermentation, not more than rain, to prevent rain;

3. It is also possible to dry livestock and poultry manure to a semi-dry level and directly add the strain of rice chaff to fermentation.

4 Turn over frequently to promote fermentation and fecal dehydration.

5. Fermentation effect

The temperature quickly reached 55°C within 48 hours, the odor gradually disappeared, and the seeds of diseases, pests and weeds died one after another, and a few days later, white hyphae appeared and covered the surface.

Qualified standards for fermented products

No big pieces, no metals, stones and other magazines, the appearance is loose, no odor, the product is dark brown, and the moisture content is about 30%.

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