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Employee training and quality inspection for fertilizer equipment ?

Update time : 2021-06-23 Publisher:Tongda

Employee training and quality inspection for fertilizer equipment 

On Jun 26, in order to better improve the basic quality of employees, promote employee development, and improve our services, we organized a large-scale employee training event. The training content includes basic product knowledge, corporate culture, basic employee qualities, and business exchanges and discussions among salespersons. Regarding product knowledge, our company has emphatically trained our employees on our crawler type compost turner machine to deepen their understanding of our compost turner, so as to better serve our customers. We also took employees to visit our factory in detail, let them observe our fertilizer fermentation equipment on the spot, and visit the various parts of the compost turner machine to deepen their understanding of the granulator. During the field visit, employees actively asked their own questions about the fertilizer equipment. Our engineers also enthusiastically answered their questions, demonstrated the usage of the equipment to the employees, and explained the purpose of the fertilizer machine and common problems. Through this training, employees have a deeper understanding of our machines, and they are more familiar with the principle and use of the machines, so that they can better solve the problems encountered by customers in use and have more confidence in after-sales service.

quality checking for organic fertilizer equipment.jpgTongda organic fertilizer equipment inspection.jpg

In order to improve our quality, our company decides to carry out quality inspection every Tuesday for making us getting better and better. 

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