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Component of organic fertilizer fermentation tank

Update time : 2021-08-25 Publisher:Tongda

The high-temperature oxygen consuming fermentor is a complete set of equipment specializing in the treatment of organic fertilizer wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, meal waste and domestic sludge. Through high-temperature aerobic fermentation, the activity of microorganisms is used to biodegrade and decompose the organic matter in the waste, so that the organic waste can be finally transformed into organic fertilizer for soil improvement, landscaping and resource utilization of organic waste.

fermentation tank process flow.jpg

The fermentation tank is mainly composed of fermentation chamber, hydraulic power system, spindle drive system, feeding lifting system, automatic high-pressure air release system, discharge system, deodorization system and automatic control system. During operation, the feeding lifting system first sends the materials to the fermentation chamber, opens the hydraulic power system, and the spindle starts to rotate to realize material mixing. At the same time, Open the air supply system and auxiliary heating system to maintain microbial fermentation conditions. After the materials are decomposed, degraded and stabilized under the action of microbial agents, open the blanking valve through the hydraulic power system, and use the belt conveyor to collect and process the fermented materials and the gas discharged after fermentation through the system, and then discharge them after reaching the standard.

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