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Powder organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer production line equipment overview

Update time : 2021-11-10 Publisher:Tongda

Powder organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer production line equipment overview  
1. Compost turner machine, the function of this machine is to turn the fermented material evenly to make it fully contact with the air, part of the water out, and can break large pieces of material, small pieces of material into powder, a shredder.  
2. Forklift feeder, the function of this machine is to store fermented materials, and the material evenly and quantitatively transported to the next link.  The machine is equipped with a frequency converter, which can adjust the conveying speed of the belt conveyor, and the anti-hitting net is added inside the bin, which can make the material slowly fall into the bin and separate the large material.  The lower part of silo is equipped with anti-blocking mixing device to prevent blocking materials.  
3. Fertilizer chain crusher, the function of this machine can pulverize the fermented material into more than 40 mesh powder, material moisture control to 40% below the best.  φ 600 mill when producing about 5 tons, φ800 mill when producing about 7-8 tons, φ1000 mill when producing more than 10 tons.  
4. Rotary screening machine, the function of this machine is to screen the crushed good materials, finished materials into the next link.  Because the screening is semi-wet material, the mesh is easy to plug, generally equipped with anti-blocking hit device.  Sieve out large chunks or particles of material for re-fermentation or discarding according to their composition.  The annual output of 3000-5000 tons is 1000*3000 sieve machine, the annual output of 10,000 tons is 1200*4000 sieve machine, the annual output of 20,000 to 50,000 tons is 1500*6000 sieve machine, the annual output of 50,000 to 100,000 tons is 2000*8000 sieve machine, mesh is 3-4 mm sieve hole,  Material moisture below 20% can be used 1 mm screen, depending on the situation.  
5. Dynamic batching machine, the function of this machine is to mix several kinds of materials in strict accordance with the set ratio, several kinds of materials are clearly summarized to a belt conveyor, conveying to the blender for mixing.  The accuracy of batching is 5‰.  
6. Double shaft mixer or single shaft mixer, these two kinds of equipment can play the role of continuous mixing belt transport, can fully mix the material evenly.  
7. Cache silo, the function of the machine is to store finished organic fertilizer materials, the machine is equipped with frequency converter can adjust the speed of the conveyor.  Can be realized with electrical control packaging scale need material transport, do not need to stop conveying, ensure powder packaging scale at any time there is a certain material and will not cause the situation of blocking material.  
8. Powdery finished product packing scale, the function of this machine is quantitative packaging good material (20-50 kg), there are bucket (card bag before weighing, card bag directly after feeding) and no bucket (card bag after feeding weighing) two models, there are bucket said equipped with automatic folding machine, automatic sewing machine, automatic line cutting machine, only one operation.  Widou scale requires 2 people to operate.  Double bucket packing scale for more than 10 tons per hour. 

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