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What equipment is needed in the production line of cow manure and organic fertilizer?

Update time : 2021-11-16 Publisher:Tongda

The equipment needed in the production line of cow manure and organic fertilizer is:  
Cow dung water separator :(Slanting screen type solid-liquid separator) animal dung water content is high, heavy viscosity, poor ventilation, can not be directly fermented, should be properly pretreated before fermentation.  
Compost fermentation turning machine: organic fertilizer turning machine is the key equipment in the process of material fermentation, to promote the fermentation of materials mature, dry.  (Can be use Self-propelled compost turner and groove type compost turner)  
Crusher :(vertical and horizontal according to the specific output selection) is the use of crushing bin in the high-speed rotation of the hammer to crush the material mechanical equipment.  
Organic fertilizer mixer: mixing solid and powder  
disk granulator machine price.jpg 
Granulator :(disc granulator)  
Drying machine and cooling machine :(rotary drum)(natural drying can be selected for less output)  
Rotary screening machine: grading treatment 
And conveyor (screw and belt optional)  

Cow dung production of organic fertilizer equipment need to invest how much money?  
Livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer equipment to save non-renewable resources and protect the environment, social benefits are huge, in line with China's energy conservation and emission reduction industrial policy.  Small simple cow manure organic fertilizer production line within 100,000 yuan, for each customer configuration of organic fertilizer production line are different.  
Cow manure organic fertilizer production line low configuration only need mill, blender, granulator, screening machine and packaging machine.  You can add devices based on customer requirements.  Therefore, the price of the whole production line of cow manure and organic fertilizer varies from tens of thousands to millions.

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