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How to produce chicken manure organic fertilizer through chicken manure production line?

Update time : 2021-11-18 Publisher:Tongda

The use of organic fertilizer production line is very simple, only one person can easily operate convenient and fast, a set of organic fertilizer production line can also crush, stir teeth, granulation, drying, screening a variety of different materials, known as multi-functional equipment.  At present our country is more and more big, the demand for organic fertilizer in the planting of agricultural technical requirements in the production process is very strict, only organic fertilizer production line manufacturers in improving their production level of production process automation and modernization to big limit the increase of the scale of production, reduce the production cost of inputs, production from exploiting the fertilizer products of good quality.  Under the development of the market, the increasing of market of organic fertilizer production line, and that for organic fertilizer production line, is not only a challenge, and opportunities, it has to do is to look for equipment development space, fast for the development of organic fertilizer production line, in order to better occupy a larger market in the development of the market position.  
Chicken manure is a good raw material for the production of organic fertilizer, chicken manure production line equipment introduction: small belly chicken intestines is a derogatory term, describe a measure of small, narrow-minded.  Why do we compare the gut of a chicken? Because the digestive tract of a chicken is very short, and the nutrients it eats stay in it for a very short time, resulting in a very low utilization rate of nutrients, usually only 30%.  The rest goes out in the stool.  Also caused a very large waste of feed nutrition.  So chicken manure is high in nutrients.  
 chicken manure organic fertilizer production line equipment.jpgAccording to research, the total energy of dry matter in chicken manure is 13.4 ~ 18.8 kilojoules per kilogram, and the nitrogen content is 30 ~ 70 grams.  In addition, chicken manure also contains nitrogen - containing non-protein compounds.  Normally, they are in the form of uric acid and ammoniates.  In addition, various amino acids in chicken manure are also relatively balanced, each kilogram of dried chicken manure contains 5.4 grams of lysine, 1.8 grams of cystine, 5.3 grams of threonine, more than corn, sorghum, soybean cake, cottonseed content.  It also has high B group maintenance content, especially various trace elements.  A year's worth of manure from 1,000 chickens is said to be equivalent to the amount of crude protein in 25 tons of peas.  
How to use chicken manure in large-scale farms to make green ecological organic fertilizer?  
First of all, according to the situation of large-scale chicken farms, how much breeding, estimated about annual production.  
Then combined with the local site situation, can choose to stomp noodle production, also can build groove production processing.  
Then select the corresponding organic fertilizer equipment to assist.  
Prepare raw materials, auxiliary materials and chicken manure fermentation bacteria for aerobic composting fermentation.  After 3 days of stinky chicken manure, the stench completely disappeared.  After seven days, harmless treatment has been completed, after 15 days, fermentation into a high standard of organic fertilizer.  It is ready for use in the field.  
Commonly used chicken manure treatment methods:  
1, you can also directly dry, as organic fertilizer raw materials to sell, this is very simple.  
2, add bacteria fermentation, as biological organic fertilizer, simple equipment, less investment.  
3, directly on the complete set of equipment all done.  

Chicken manure treatment methods and pig manure treatment methods are almost the same, the whole set of chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment investment cost and pig manure is similar, we can refer to the site "pig manure organic fertilizer production line configuration and investment cost" information to understand the various scale of organic fertilizer production line configuration. 

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