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Application and characteristics of organic fertilizer pellet polishing machine

Update time : 2021-12-17 Publisher:Tongda

                                                                                             Application and characteristics of organic fertilizer pellet polishing machine  
Organic fertilizer particle cast round function for all particle fertilizer beauty, by extrusion granulation or disc granulated fertilizer granulation process output, after round threw the circular machine, fertilizer da 'xiao particles uniform and roundness accurately, smooth surface, particle strength, fertilizer ball rate is as high as 98%, into the ball back to the feed rate is low, it can reduce the energy consumption and increase output.  More importantly, it can improve the quality of fertilizer granules and product image.  
Chicken manure and other livestock manure based raw material organic fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer particles thrown round;  Pellets of bio-organic fertilizer are rounded with grass ash, lignite, organic manure sludge and straw as raw materials.  

 fertilizer polishing machine manufacturer.jpgThe use and characteristics of organic fertilizer pellet polishing machine:  
1. High output of organic fertilizer granule round casting machine, flexible arrangement in the process, with organic fertilizer granulator, disk granulator, flat die extrusion granulator can be used at the same time, can solve the single granulator extruded particles round, convenient and simple;  
2. The organic fertilizer particle throwing machine is composed of two or three throwing cylinders in sequence. After several times of throwing the material round, the finished product is discharged from the discharge port, and the finished product particle size is tight, round and smooth, and the yield is as high as 97%.  
3. The machine is beautiful in appearance, simple in structure and working principle, safe and reliable, small in size, light in weight and convenient in operation and maintenance.  
4. The machine has strong adaptability, can adapt to work in a variety of environments, and the organic fertilizer pellet spinning machine can maintain continuous long time operation, power consumption is small, electricity saving, low production cost, high economic benefit.  

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