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How is the feed pellet machine proportioning?

Update time : 2021-10-04 Publisher:Tongda

1. Which original proportion should be used first can still be used today, but the proportion of fine and coarse materials should be considered.

Generally speaking, the feed granulator can press more than 50 kinds of raw materials into granules, so if you used corn, bran and other raw materials before, you can still use these raw materials for granulation. However, if coarse feed accounts for a large proportion in the feed formula, the forming of pellet feed should be considered. If there is too much roughage, there will be more pellet powder. In general, concentrate is maintained in the feed formula: the proportion of coarse feed is 3:2, which can be made into pellet feed.

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2. The feed granulator can granulate not only one raw material, but also a variety of raw materials.

If a variety of raw materials are granulated together, these raw materials need to be crushed one by one, and then put the crushed raw materials into the feed mixer for mixing. The pellet feed made in this way has comprehensive nutrition and high palatability.

3. In the process of using the feed granulator, there is no need to add water and additives.

The pellet feed made by the feed pellet mechanism is basically mature. Through the high temperature of the feed pellet machine, some viruses and bacteria contained in the feed can be killed. At this time, there is no need to add additives in the granulation process. Moreover, the feed through the feed granulator belongs to dry in and dry out, and the water content of the granulated feed will generally be controlled at about 10%, so as to ensure that the feed can be preserved for a long time and not easily affected with moisture. Therefore, water is not needed in the granulation process.

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