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How Much Do You Know About Compost Tuner Equipment

Update time : 2021-10-09 Publisher:Tongda

What is composting?

Compost is a mixture of many organic substances, which can be used as fertilizer. It is mainly composed of various plant residues (crop straw, weeds, leaves, peat, garbage and other wastes) and human and animal manure; These mixtures are composted and decomposed for 7-10 days to form compost. Compost plays a very important role in the whole growth process of crops and plants.To make good quality and nutritious bio-organic fertilizer, the very composting tool-compost turner is necessary.

1. Crawler Compost Turner

Crawler dumper, also known as Crawler Hydraulic dumper, belongs to a kind of ground dumper. The machine has the characteristics of compact design, simple operation and saving work site.

chicken manure fertilizer machine compst turner.jpg

Working principle: the crawler dumper adopts full hydraulic operating system, pull rod steering wheel operation, crawler walking, and cooperates with high-power diesel engine. The width of the dumper can reach 2-3m and the height can reach 1.5m. The crawler dumper adopts the overall lifting design of the frame, which can lift the frame height when the work site is moved and the tipping height needs to be changed, making the operation more convenient. Because the crawler dumper adopts full hydraulic power design, it has basically no mechanical wear, low failure rate and little maintenance.

Scope of application: crawler dumper and tire dumper belong to the type of ground dumper. Crawler dumper has stronger tipping capacity and larger output. It is generally suitable for large organic fertilizer plants.

2. Moving Type Compost Turner 

Tire tipper, also known as self-propelled tipper, belongs to the type of ground tipper together with crawler tipper.

walking compost turner.jpg

Working principle: the tire dumper adopts four-wheel walking design, which can move forward and backward. During driving, the whole vehicle rides on the long strip-shaped fertilizer base stacked in advance, and the auger under the frame is used to flip, fluff and move the fertilizer base raw materials. After the vehicle passes, it is usurped into a new strip-shaped stack. The machine can be operated in the open outdoor field or in the workshop shed. Tire dumper is the most economical type of dumper. It is generally equipped with canopy. The cab can also be customized according to customer needs.

Scope of application: the tire dumper is more portable and flexible, and is suitable for all kinds of organic fertilizer production sites. However, due to its limited treatment capacity, it is more used for the treatment of feces in small and medium-sized organic fertilizer plants and farms.

3. Groove Type Compost Turner 

The groove type compost turner  is also known as the dumper or trough type dumper. As shown in the name, the track type dumper needs to travel according to the travel track built in advance. The equipment is composed of transmission device, lifting device, traveling device, stacking device, displacement vehicle and other main components.

groove type compsot turner.jpg

Working principle: the motor directly transmits the power to the cycloidal needle wheel reducer through the sprocket to the tipping drum. The mixing blades on the drum are spirally distributed, which can turn and stir the materials in the fermentation tank to a position 0.7-1m away, which has the effect of fast tipping speed and uniform mixing, so as to achieve full contact between the materials and air and better fermentation effect of the materials.

Scope of application: the track type dumper is generally used in large-scale organic fertilizer production plants with limited production sites. This compact site planning and design not only saves the fermentation site of organic fertilizer raw materials, but also facilitates the turnover and continuous production with the subsequent granulation production line.

Why Compost?

The major goal of composting is to reduce the amount of solid waste you generate. If you reduce solid waste, you will save space in municipal landfills, which will ultimately save you tax money. Finished compost has the advantage of being a useful natural fertilizer that is more environmentally friendly than synthetic fertilizers. The compost pile actually has a complex organization of living organisms-a foodweb. All of the organisms work to balance the population of organisms within the compost, which increases the efficiency of the entire process. 

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