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Why do organic fertilizers need to be fermented first

Update time : 2020-11-16 Publisher:Tongda

The decomposition of organic fertilizer is that organic fertilizer is composted, and changes from raw manure to mature manure. Its essence is that in the process of composting, through the role of microorganisms, the organic matter that is difficult to be used by crops will be turned into nutrients that are easy to be absorbed and utilized by crops; the high temperature of 60-70 ℃ produced in the composting process can kill most of the bacteria and eggs. (using the organic fertilizer turning equipment produced by Henan Tongda Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd., reasonable turning and throwing can make the high temperature time of materials last more than ten years More than 95% of the pest can be eliminated by composting.


In the countryside, we found that many farmers farmers directly apply the unripe organic fertilizer to the field. These unfermented organic fertilizer can not be directly absorbed and utilized by the root system of fruit trees. Moreover, in the process of underground decomposition, heat is easy to generate, causing seedling burning phenomenon, causing harm to the growth of crops.

There are a large number of grass seeds in the non decomposed organic fertilizer, and weeds will grow everywhere when they are scattered in the field. The vitality of grass is very strong, and it will compete with crops for nutrients. Farmers also need to weed (such as herbicides will cause damage to the land) to increase labor intensity. Therefore, we must learn from it. Organic fertilizer must be scientifically fermented first.

Henan Tongda heavy industry science and Technology Co., Ltd. produces organic fertilizer fermenter and compost turner equipment with complete varieties, including groove type compost turner, crawler type compost turner, single wheel type compost turner, double wheel compost turner,moving type compost turner, etc. during fermentation, reasonable turning and throwing can be carried out according to the temperature demand of materials, heat dissipation of materials, oxygen absorption of bacteria and water distribution, so as to achieve scientific fermentation, which can be achieved within one month The organic fertilizer is well fermented.

If you looking for organic fertilizer machine or plan to set one fertilizer production line to make organic fertilizer granule or npk fertilizer granule,Henan Tongda is your best choice.


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