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What is the investment in an organic fertilizer plant with an annual capacity of 50,000 tons

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What is the investment in an organic fertilizer plant with an annual capacity of 50,000 tons?

Biological organic fertilizer is chicken or pig or sheep manure as raw material to produce finished organic fertilizer, the scale of 10000 tons of automatic organic fertilizer equipment production line needs organic fertilizer production line, raw materials, water, electricity, staff, etc.

Plant construction:

Construction of ground treatment of animal manure 2-40000 chicken farms need covers an area of 3 acres, building a 60 metres long and 13 meters wide simple greenhouses, the roof should be transparent, poultry and animal feces, easy to shorten the fermentation period, the floor must be concrete (7 cm thick), such greenhouses could each other four bar pile, each pile pile of about 50 tons. A canning and storage workshop 40 meters long and 15 meters wide will be needed.

First of all, what are the steps of organic fertilizer production?

1. organic fertilizer process:

1)In the early stage, the organic fertilizer fermentation equipment adopts a 3 or 4 meter fermentation flipping machine with 7.5KW-11KW motor power. This equipment can be used in one machine and multiple tanks.

2)The organic fertilizer crushing equipment adopts large semi-wet material crusher model 90, motor power 21KW, output 3-5 tons per hour.

3)The type 915 horizontal mixer is used, and the motor power is 11KW.

4)Organic fertilizer granulation equipment is the use of one or two 1100*630*1470mm new roller extrusion granulator, power is 15kW.

5)The dryer is the use of 12 meters of rotary dryer, motor power 11KW drying effect of 50% of the water feed particles, 15% of the water discharge particles, to achieve a reasonable drying effect, the output of 3-5 tons per hour,

6)The cooling machine adopts 10 meters of natural cold air rotary cooling machine. The motor power is 7.5KW and the output is 3-5 tons per hour.

7)The screening machine is a one meter single feed is used in crushing after the classification of raw material screening. It is used to screen finished products after cooling.

8)Automatic packing machine

2. Facilities:

There are finished products stacking warehouse, semi-finished products warehouse, raw material warehouse, employee office building or fermenter (6 meters wide × 50 meters long × 7 bars). It depends on the local construction budget. A ground compost does not require a trench. 

3. Equipment:

Organic fertilizer production line mainly includes compost machine, rotary drum screen machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, packaging machine, belt conveyor and so on. The length and quantity of belt conveyor can be designed and arranged according to the actual situation on site.

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