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How to install and adjust the chemical sludge dryer?

Update time : 2021-10-27 Publisher:Tongda

Chemical sludge dryer can dry the material with 90% moisture content to the finished product at one time. In view of the characteristics of easy caking in the sludge drying process, the board structure of the general single channel dryer is changed, and the combined self-cleaning device is adopted, which greatly expands the application range of the single channel dryer. It can not only dry all kinds of sludge, but also dry all kinds of high viscosity materials.

1. Before installation, check whether all components are intact and clean the interior.

2. After installation and commissioning, check whether grease has been injected into the bearing seat, otherwise appropriate grease should be injected. Generally, no. 2 Molybdenum disulfide composite calcium grease or other applicable grease with high temperature resistance should be selected.

3. Before installing the rotary joint, read the operation manual of the rotary joint carefully and install it correctly to prevent the damage of the sealing gasket.

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4. Pressure gauge and pressure stabilizing device should be installed on the inlet pipe of heating or cooling medium. Safety valve must be installed before entrance to prevent overpressure of equipment. The temperature of the heating medium shall not exceed the rated service temperature.

5. On the shaft end of the single-end configuration of the rotary joint in the installation should pay attention to, deep into the inner cavity of the end of the nozzle 200 mm smooth surface without holes, no rust, no residue, no trace, can meet the heating (or cooling) medium sealing requirements, and the size is appropriate. The same as the double-end installation of the rotary joint, the whole machine can be tested only after the pressure is not leaked.

6. Check and debug gear drive or chain drive to make it meet the requirements of mechanical drive.

7. Check the safety of motors and electrical appliances. Contact the electrical power switch, motor and transmission parts should not be jammed phenomenon, and make sure that the spindle steering is correct (blade rotation should be pointed forward).

8. Start the motor to make the equipment run without load. The operation should be smooth and abnormal noise should not appear. For the speed regulating device should be adjusted within the adjustable range, acceleration should be carried out slowly to check whether the speed regulating characteristics meet the requirements. No load operation shall be less than 30 minutes.

9. Gradually heating or cooling, observe the operation, so that the heat source or cold source to reach the use parameters. Equipment with cooling protection must open cooling water valve before steam. Gradually add the material, observe and check the drying condition of the material, and constantly adjust the feeding amount, heat (cold) source amount, discharge amount and speed according to the need, to meet the design requirements can be put into normal operation.

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