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Henan Tongda heavy industry dumping machine is an indispensable equipment for organic fertilizer pro

Update time : 2021-10-29 Publisher:Tongda

Tilting machine is an integrated treatment equipment for aerobic fermentation of manure and other wastes from livestock and poultry farms, and biodegradation of organic matter in the waste, so as to achieve harmless and resource utilization.  Users only need to pile pig manure and chicken manure together, add bacteria in it, after 7 days of aerobic fermentation, and then combined with the toss machine can turn chicken manure and pig manure into high-quality organic fertilizer. 

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Flip and toss machine features:  
1. The composting fermentation and tossing machine adopts geosyncline structure. According to the structure of the plant, it can design a series of fermentation products using one machine and more tanks.  
 2. Flip machine has advanced fermentation technology, adopts the microbial oxygen consumption fermentation self-walking dump machine design according to the principle of oxygen consumption fermentation, so that fermentation bacteria have the space to give full play to their functions.  
3. The overall structure of the toss machine is reasonable, the machine is simple, balanced, good rigidity, strong, safe and reliable performance, easy to control, strong applicability to the site, in addition to the thick frame, parts are standard parts, easy to use and maintenance.  
4. The flip machine is equipped with automatic spraying liquid bacteria device to facilitate the use of liquid bacteria fermentation process, and at the same time, the flip machine evenly spraying the mixed liquid bacteria for the fertilizer base material, so that the sprinkling, oxygenation and mixing is completed once.  

Working principle of toss machine:  
1. The flip machine track is laid on the wall of the fermentation tank, and the walking wheel of the flip machine can walk back and forth along the track driven by the driving motor.  When the tossing machine is moving, the knife roller fixed with throwing knife rotates and breaks, turns and throws backward the compost material in the fermentation tank. In the process of moving in the air, the fertilizer is fully mixed with the air to provide oxygen for the life activities of fermentation microorganisms, and evaporates water and reduces temperature.  
 animal waste compost turenr for fertilizer make.jpg2. After the flip machine completes a flip work, the hydraulic cylinder can be used to lift the flip knife roller to a certain height, in order to quickly return the flip machine to the starting position of the fermentation tank.  
 3, tossing machine stirring and crushing, so that the material fermentation, maturity, degradation of a composting process, tank type tossing machine must do fermentation tank, fermentation tank must be laid track, tossing machine in the fermentation tank to work on the task, usually take motor drive.  
 4, flip machine through moving car to complete the transfer from one fermentation tank to another fermentation tank, multiple fermentation tanks can take a trough flip machine.  
 Tilting machines make breeding more automated, saving manpower and bringing more efficient work for farmers.  And it can also turn animal manure into fertilizer, recycling treatment, both save resources and protect our environment, for us to bring a lot of benefits, is an indispensable equipment for the manufacture of organic fertilizer. 

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