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How to deal with the rabbit dung in Rabbit farm?

Update time : 2021-11-01 Publisher:Tongda

Urea, ammonia, potassium and phosphorus in rabbit feces and urine can be absorbed by plants.  However, undigested organic matter such as protein in dung can be absorbed by plants only after decomposing into NH3.  Therefore, rabbit feces and urine can be used as a base fertilizer, but also as an effective fertilizer.  In order to improve fertilizer efficiency and reduce the spread and harm of harmful microorganisms and parasite eggs in rabbit manure, it is best to fermentation rabbit manure before use.  
Why does rabbit dung do organic fertilizer better than other animal and poultry excrement?  Rabbit manure after special processing can be used as an ideal fertilizer.  It not only improves the benefit of raising rabbits, but also reduces the environmental pollution.  The following is to introduce the utilization and treatment methods of rabbit dung, in order to improve the utilization rate of dung free to provide reference.  
1. Rabbit manure is a high-quality organic fertilizer:  
 Rabbit manure contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium than other livestock and poultry feces are higher, but also contains a variety of trace elements and vitamins.  An adult rabbit can accumulate about 10 kg of manure in a year, and the excretion amount of 10 adult rabbits is equivalent to the excretion amount of a pig.  Every 100 kg of rabbit manure is equivalent to 10.85 kg of ammonium sulfate, 10.90 kg of superphosphate and 1.79 kg of potassium sulfate.  
2. rabbit farm rabbit dung accumulation fermentation method:  
 Rabbit excrement and urine and leftover grass are piled up together, and water is added to make the moisture content reach about 50%.  Pile it in a circle, enclose it with mud, and let it ferment.  After a few weeks, the temperature inside can reach over 50 degrees.  After the temperature drops, open the dunghill, and then allow its fermentation for a period of time, generally to become brown, no smell and sour taste, feel soft, not touch, that is, has been well decomposed.  
3. rabbit farm rabbit dung into granular fertilizer advantages:  
 Rabbit excrement and urine in the forage, impurities removed, dried into plastic bags, tight bag mouth for use.  This kind of granular fertilizer is easy to preserve, strong fertility, easy to use, can be used as hole fertilizer in fruit trees, tea garden, vegetables.  When used as base fertilizer, in addition to remarkable fertilizer effect, but also has drought resistance, soil conservation, insecticidal sterilization and other functions.  
Rabbit manure organic fertilizer production line quality after-sales, whole-process tracking, one to one equipment high efficiency  
Experience 1: Users who have requirements can bring materials to visit the factory and try the machine for free.  
Experience 2: The whole process is explained by professional and technical personnel and one-to-one scheme design, which can ensure more stable production, higher efficiency and faster cost recovery for users.  
However, here is to say that there are many models of rabbit manure organic fertilizer production line, the difference between the price of each equipment model, the customer should be well aware of, because the volume of the equipment and the volume of production are certain differences, so the price is naturally different, the higher the output, the price will be slightly improved.  Welcome interested friends to inquire at any time. 

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