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Fermentation method and characteristics of organic fertilizer

Update time : 2022-08-03 Publisher:Tongda

There are four common organic fertilizer fermentation methods: tank fermentation, strip-stack fermentation, high-temperature closed fermentation tank and nano-film-covered fermentation.

Tank fermentation requires the construction of an above-ground or underground fermentation tank. Guide rails are laid on the partition walls on both sides of the fermentation tank, and the tank type turning machine walks on the guide rail. At the same time, the system is equipped with a rail change mechanism to realize the conversion between different fermentation tanks. . Tank fermentation has the characteristics of large single processing capacity and high investment in facilities and equipment, which is suitable for large-scale farms.


There is no need to build a fermentation tank in the stack-type fermentation. On the flat ground after the hardening treatment, the manure is stacked into a stack with a certain height and width. Rotate, send natural wind into the pile from both sides of the pile, provide oxygen, and realize compost fermentation. The stacking type fermentation facility has less investment, and the stacking type turning machine has various forms and different prices.

High-temperature closed fermentation tank fermentation is carried out in a closed fermentation tank whose temperature, ventilation, and stirring can be controlled artificially. The single treatment volume is small, suitable for poultry farms.

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