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Cow dung, pig dung, wheat straw with an annual output of 10,000 tons of powdered organic fertilizer

Update time : 2022-09-19 Publisher:Tongda

The basic process of the organic fertilizer production line is briefly described as follows:


Fermentation process stage:

1. Using 20 tons of cow dung, 10 tons of chicken dung, and 20 tons of pig dung as raw materials, put them into the mixing and pre-fermentation device) to inoculate, fully mix and pre-ferment organic materials.

2. The three-combination horizontal anaerobic fermentation equipment (patented equipment) is used, and biological strains are added, and the fermentation temperature is controlled at 50-60 °C. After the biogas is collected, it enters the biogas boiler for combustion through the water sealing tank and the flame arrester, and provides heat for the fermentation device, granulation, drying and other units.

Organic fertilizer production line compounding process stage:

1. Pulverize the ingredients (straw, straw, bean cake, bone meal, hoof horn meal, etc.), and at the same time pulverize the inorganic fertilizer.

2. The formulas of organic and inorganic raw materials are mixed according to different series of products. Mix well in a blender. If the ratio is 12%, about 12 tons.

3. To add straw powder or peat to organic materials with high C/N ratio and low moisture content, the added amount is 6 tons/day of charcoal, 6 tons/day of straw carbon, and 18 tons/day of straw wheat straw, and the moisture content of the raw materials after treatment 60%-65%, C/N ratio 20-30. Substances added must be sufficiently disrupted.

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