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Precautions for the operation of fertilizer granulator

Update time : 2022-11-17 Publisher:Tongda

In the process of organic fertilizer production, the iron equipment of some production equipment will have problems such as rust and aging of mechanical parts. This will greatly affect the use effect of the organic fertilizer production line. In order to maximize the utility of the equipment, attention should be paid to:


First, reducing the number of starts does not mean that you save electricity. The most important thing is that every time you start the organic fertilizer production line, the equipment will be idling for a period of time, and this idling is of no value, so reducing these can help the production efficiency of the equipment.

Second, it is necessary to produce at a constant speed, that is, the output at an average speed. The feed inlet speed must be average, the outlet speed must also be average, and the amount of raw materials must be average; in this way, the production capacity can be increased even more.

Third, the major reason for the reduction in equipment output of the organic fertilizer production line is actually due to the aging of machinery and the failure of parts. So the third point is to take good care of your equipment on weekdays. As a result, the life of the equipment is increased and the efficiency is also increased, which not only saves resources but also improves the quality of organic fertilizer.

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