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Working principle of disc granulator production line

Update time : 2022-11-30 Publisher:Tongda

1. What is the production principle of the disc granulator?

The granulating disc angle of the disc granulator adopts an overall arc structure, and the granulation rate is high. The reducer and the motor are driven by flexible belts, which can start smoothly, reduce the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment. The drive of the granulation disc is driven by a large modulus hard tooth surface gear, which improves the running quality of the equipment. The bottom of the granulation tray is welded and formed by a plurality of radiant steel plates, which is durable and not deformed. Thickened, heavier, and sturdy base design, no need for anchor bolts, and smooth operation. The adjustment of the angle of the granulating disc adopts the adjustment of the hand wheel, which does not require other tools, which is simple and convenient. This machine has the advantages of uniform granulation, high granulation rate, stable operation, durable equipment and long service life. It is a common equipment selected by the majority of users.


2. How to use the disc granulator?

1. Start up. Before starting the machine, check whether the reducer is filled with gear oil and whether the rotation direction of the disc is correct.

2. Run. After pressing the start button, the host starts, and observe whether the equipment is running normally, whether there is vibration, and whether the rotation is stable.

3. Filling. After the equipment is running normally, the material and water can be added.

4. Granulation adjustment. After filling, according to the requirements, the angle of the disc can be adjusted to make the produced particles reach the required size.

3. What are the parts of the disc granulator?

1. The main body of the disc granulator, the main body includes a frame, an adjustment part and a granulating disc and other structures;

2. One main reducer, the input shaft is equipped with a pulley, and the output shaft is equipped with a pinion;

3. One main point motor and one pulley;

4. Supporting granulation disc device, including one main shaft, two sets of roller bearings, and two sets of bearing seats;

5. Accessories: V-belt, corner bolts.

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