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How to deal with the odor generated in the manure fermentation organic fertilizer workshop?

Update time : 2022-12-30 Publisher:Tongda

The manure fermentation organic fertilizer workshop will produce a large amount of odor, which is a problem that must be faced in the composting process. In order to effectively and reasonably use the manure to implement the recycling project, Tongda Heavy Industry today will tell you about the odor treatment methods, hoping to help friends.


1. Use biological fermentation deodorizing bacteria

In the process of turning over, fermentation and decomposition of organic materials such as livestock manure, the bio fermentation deodorizing bacteria can decompose and transform odor substances in the whole process. Use such products. The odor can be eliminated in about 48 hours. Long term use of biological fermentation deodorizing bacteria can significantly reduce or eliminate the odor of organic production enterprises. Deodorizing biological fermentation bacteria contain deodorizing fungi, deodorizing bacteria, deodorizing actinomycetes, etc. According to the ladder characteristics of biological deodorization, they have a high degree of composition and a strong ability to decompose and transform odor substances. The breeding speed is fast, and it has been widely used throughout the country.

2. Photooxygen deodorization system

The odor is collected by the gas collecting hood (air suction hood), and the odor is pumped into the scrubbing spray tower by the fan through the ventilation pipe. At this time, the odor is washed and filtered in the spray tower. After two layers of spraying and one layer of demisting, the odor concentration is greatly reduced. Detect the PH value of the circulating solution. The PH value is acidic or alkaline. Add appropriate agents to neutralize it. In general, the waste gas from organic fertilizer fermentation can meet the emission standard after being treated by the scrubbing spray tower. However, when the odor concentration produced by fermentation is relatively high, UV photodegradation and deodorization equipment should be added behind the washing and spraying tower to purify the odor.

3. Air washing method

This method means that the odor from the exhaust pipe is introduced into water, sea water, acid (various acids, ozone water, chlorine dioxide, potassium permanganate, etc.), alkali (caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite) and other liquids for liquefaction.

4. Shelter law and Chinese law

In this method, the aromatic smell, which is stronger than the odor component to be treated, is used as a masking agent. In addition to evaluating the effectiveness of the masking agent, it is also important to consider the compatibility of the masking agent with the odor to be treated. The neutralizing agent is effective for the reaction and adsorption of odor components.

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