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Double roller granulator for sludge ceramsite granulation

Update time : 2023-05-22 Publisher:Tongda

With the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the cross-border cooperation in international environmental protection is further deepened. For urban sludge and construction sludge, they are usually processed into building materials such as ceramic particles, which not only reduces environmental pollution caused by sludge accumulation but also achieves comprehensive utilization of waste.


The sludge ceramsite is usually granulated using a pair of roller granulators. Traditional granulators typically use a pair of rollers to squeeze each other for granulation, usually with grooves on the surface of two corresponding rollers or grooves on the surface of one roller, and protrusions on the surface of the other roller, forming a granulation space.

It has the following advantages:

1. By setting through holes on the walls of both the active and driven rollers and combining them with a flywheel, it is possible to avoid overload damage to power sources such as motors in the driving mechanism and achieve energy-saving effects. It also prevents sludge ceramic particles from adhering to the through holes and prevents relative slipping between the active and driven rollers, thereby improving the efficiency of granulation and achieving rapid granulation performance.

2. By setting guide blocks 1 and 2 and tilting them towards the outlet ends of the active and driven rollers, it can provide better guidance and facilitate the discharge of sludge ceramic particles from the corresponding outlet ends of the active and driven rollers, avoiding excessive accumulation of sludge ceramic particles in the driven rollers; At the same time, it is equivalent to having an outward pushing force on the sludge ceramic particles inside the driven and active rollers, making the partially unbroken sludge ceramic particles during the rotation process more effective in breaking under this external pushing force, thus improving the uniformity of granulation more effectively.

3. By setting a structural design that matches the sliding groove and slider, it can effectively avoid misalignment at both ends of shaft 2, ensure that shaft 2 and shaft 1 are in a parallel state, and maximize the transfer of energy released by the flywheel to the driven roller, thereby improving the utilization efficiency of the flywheel's rotational inertia energy.

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