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Principle and Application of Organic fertilizer Drum Granulator

Update time : 2023-06-13 Publisher:Tongda

Organic fertilizer drum granulator is a kind of equipment used to prepare Manure particles, which is widely used in agriculture, animal husbandry and environmental protection. Its main function is to granulate the bulk Manure raw materials through special granulation process, which is convenient for transportation, storage and application. The principle and application of Manure drum granulator are introduced below.


1. Material entry: Manure raw materials are sent to the drum of the granulator through the feeding device.

2. Drum rotation: the drum of the granulator rotates under the drive of the motor, making Manure raw materials continuously roll, collide and squeeze in the drum.

3. Granulation: In the drum, Manure raw materials are gradually bonded together through friction, extrusion and other actions to form primary particles. These particles continue to roll in the drum, continuously adsorbing new materials, gradually growing until they reach a certain particle size.

4. Screening: The formed particles pass through the screening device to separate small particles and powder that do not meet the requirements, in order to improve the quality of the particles.

5. Discharge: The qualified particles after screening are discharged through the discharge device and enter the next stage of packaging, storage, or transportation.

Manure drum granulator is widely used in many fields:

1. Agriculture: The preparation of agricultural Manure, such as animal manure, plant residues, etc., helps to improve soil fertility, improve Soil structure, and promote crop growth.

2. Animal husbandry: deal with a large amount of feces from livestock and poultry farms and convert them into Manure, which not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also improves the utilization rate of resources.

3. Environmental protection: treat the organic waste in urban domestic waste and make it into Manure, reduce the landfill volume, reduce environmental pollution and promote resource recycling.

4. Industry: treat organic wastes generated in the process of industrial production, such as food and beverage, and make them into Manure to improve resource utilization.

In a word, Manure drum granulator has the advantages of simple operation, high production capacity, good quality of finished products, and is an ideal equipment for Manure production and treatment.

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