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Tongda organic fertilizer equipment - forklift type compost turner machine working principle

Update time : 2021-11-17 Publisher:Tongda

The first step: use forklift type multi-function turn over the pile of fermentation heap, can be transported to any place, the moving distance is not restricted, from a fermentation pool into another fermentation pool is convenient, cost saving!  
The second step: transport the material to the designated place, open the crushing function, the raw material leaks out from the bottom of the bucket, mix evenly, achieve the effect of crushing, mixing, turning over the pile, improve the powder fineness and evenness of the compost.  Reduce nutrient volatilization and provide a good resource for the next production process.

This machine is equipped with mixing bucket and bucket, can be used to turn over the pile machine, but also can be used to do the forklift, a real multi-purpose machine, cost saving.  

The theme of the bucket tipping device is a long bucket body, the bottom of the bucket has a rectangular outlet, and the bucket body has two parallel pricking rollers, and the efficiency is higher.  The main thrust roller is powered by a radial piston hydraulic motor, and the end of the main and auxiliary thrust roller is connected with a sprocket;  The teeth of the two rollers are staggered and installed with a certain gap. The size of the two rollers after installation matches the size of the rectangular mouth at the bottom of the bucket body.  When you operate the solenoid valve, the two rollers rotate at the same time, stir and break the material, and throw it from the rectangular outlet, so as to achieve the effect of crushing the material, mixing and turning over.  

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