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How to turn waste into treasure use straw, sludge, livestock and poultry excrement ?

Update time : 2021-11-16 Publisher:Tongda

In recent years, with the continuous development of farmland transfer and intensive agricultural production and operation, the utilization system of agricultural waste has not been perfected, and a large number of livestock and poultry waste, straw and tail vegetables have not been digested, treated and reused, becoming the source of agricultural pollution and affecting the rural production and living environment.  
Do organic fertilizer is a good project for many people, but do not know much about this industry, so need to investigate for a long time before it can be put into the production of organic fertilizer.  The production investment of organic fertilizer can be large or small, if you only consider the treatment of livestock and poultry waste, a fermentation equipment can be;  
Organic fertilizer.jpeg Many small organic fertilizer factories only need fermentation equipment, grinder, mixer, granulator, sieve machine and quantitative packaging scale can be put into production, but the production of this mode requires a lot of manpower operation, such as raw material fermentation pile and drying after granulation, need artificial pile and drying.  
The fully equipped organic fertilizer production line only needs five or six people, and it does not need too much investment in manpower, but it needs to be expanded in equipment investment.  
Do organic fertilizer investment is not only in the equipment, but also the investment of the site and infrastructure.  Therefore, the investment of organic fertilizer varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.  
Simple configuration of organic fertilizer equipment includes: fermentation equipment, organic fertilizer grinder, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, roller screen machine and quantitative packaging, these five equipment can make organic fertilizer into production.  
If it is necessary to reduce the input of labor costs, several belt conveyors can be added.  In this equipment, it is necessary to turn over the pile of organic fertilizer fermentation and air drying after granulation of organic fertilizer.


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