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How to prevent fertilizer caking effectively?

Update time : 2021-12-08 Publisher:Tongda

How to prevent fertilizer caking effectively?  
First. Let's see how the manufacturer does:  
 1. reduce fertilizer moisture content and packaging temperature, through drying machine heating and dehumidification unit dehumidification cooling and installation of air conditioning and other measures, make fertilizer moisture control below 0.6%, prolong fertilizer cooling time, reduce packaging temperature.  
2. Add anti-caking agent to raw materials to reduce physical and chemical reactions between particles.  
3. through the transformation of screening system, further improve the uniformity of fertilizer particles.  
4. reduce the stacking height of fertilizer into storage, reduce storage pressure.  
Then. What do dealers do?  
 1. reduce the temperature and humidity of the warehouse, storage of fertilizer warehouse cool and dry, to ensure that the top does not leak rain, no water, warehouse exhaust fan, when necessary for cooling and drainage.  
 fertilizer price.jpg2. fertilizer storage after a period of time, often turn over, especially the fertilizer with high nutrient content, they pile up for a long time more easily agglomerate, more attention should be paid to often turn over.  
3. easy to chemical reaction of fertilizer stacked separately, prevent chemical reaction caking.  
4. reduce the stacking height of fertilizer, reduce the pressure between particles.  
5. avoid blind ordering, reduce inventory pressure, prevent fertilizer accumulation time is too long agglomerate.  
6. choose regular manufacturer products, in order to prevent the product granulation, uneven particles caused by agglomeration. 

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