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What are the causes of double roller wear of extrusion granulator?

Update time : 2021-12-20 Publisher:Tongda

                                                                                                                            What are the causes of rolling wear of extrusion granulator?  
Just like the crushing hammer in the crusher is an important part of the equipment, but also wear seriously, the roller skin is easy to wear parts in the granulation operation of the roller granulator.  Roller skin as the main role of material granulation, roller skin gradually wear and produce uneven particles, but its wear is inevitable.  Organic fertilizer manufacturer Tongda heavy industry believes that how to reduce the wear of roller granulator is the most important.  
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Extrusion granulator  
Reasons for wear of roller skin of roll extrusion granulator:  
1. Affected by the hardness, size and shape of the material to be treated.  Hard, too large or too irregular materials are easy to cause uneven wear of roller skin.  
2. It is directly related to the material of the roller skin itself.  Poor material roller skin, poor wear resistance, corrosion resistance, short service life.  
3. The surface shape, size and operating conditions of the roller.  
4. Uneven feeding is easy to make uneven wear of roller skin.  
Roll surface wear will affect the production efficiency of the roller granulator and the granularity of the finished product of the material, serious still need to stop the machine to replace the new roll surface, how to reduce the wear of the material to the roll surface through various efforts in the process of using the equipment?  
In the process of material pelleting, the roller surface will gradually wear away, so it is necessary to ensure that the material is evenly fed into the pelleting machine along the length of the roller.  If the feeding is uneven, the roller surface will appear annular groove, affecting the normal work of the granulator, and the product size is uneven.  When feeding, the feeder not only needs to feed evenly and continuously, but also the length of the roller.  
The roller granulator is sometimes equipped with grinding wheel on the frame. When the roller surface appears pits or grooves, the roller surface can be repaired without removing the roller surface on the machine, or repaired directly on the roller surface, which requires the granulator to install the surfacing device.  Some pair of roller granulator with automatic axial reciprocating roller moving device, so that the roller surface uniform wear.  
In addition, roller surface wear will also increase the discharge mouth, so it is necessary to adjust the active roller.  When adjusting, it is necessary to keep the two rollers parallel to each other to prevent skew.  When the movable roller is installed on the rocker arm or has hydraulic compensation device, the axis of the two rollers will be parallel automatically when the movable roller moves. 

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