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What are the principle and moisture requirements of the new roller extrusion granulator machine

Update time : 2021-12-23 Publisher:Tongda

What are the principle and moisture requirements of the new roller extrusion granulator machine

The function of the granulator is to add a certain proportion of additives to the powder produced by the polymerization unit, mechanically shear, knead and mix the material through the mixer to make the powder into molten fluid, pressurize the material, extrude it into the template through the filter, and then conduct underwater granulation by the granulator, and then produce granular synthetic resin raw materials.

Due to various reasons and the advantages of the double roll extrusion granulator, the double roll extrusion granulator is becoming more and more popular in our life and work, but many people have limited understanding of the extrusion granulator and do not know that many factors will affect the results of organic fertilizer granulation. What are the principles and moisture requirements of the twin roll extrusion granulation machine?

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The twin roll extrusion granulator is generally a twin roll extrusion granulator flat (ring) die extrusion granulator. During the processing of organic fertilizer, these granulators can add nitrogen as needed. Some granulators use urea as the source of nitrogen, which is easy to absorb moisture in the air and bond organic fertilizer particles together. Therefore, it is often said that the extrusion granulator is a dry powder granulator. It has good processing effect for raw material particles with low moisture content and needs to be improved Necessary anti caking treatment shall be carried out for wet materials.

Granulation principle and moisture requirements of organic fertilizer extrusion granulation machine: the working principle of extrusion granulation machine is mainly dry powder. When the fragile material is extruded, some particles are crushed and the fine powder fills the gap between the particles. In this case, if the newly formed free chemical bonds on the surface cannot be quickly saturated by atoms or molecules in the surrounding atmosphere, the newly formed surfaces will contact each other. It will form a strong reorganization. For roll extrusion, the roll skin has a spherical groove and is extruded into a spherical shape. The particles extruded by the flat (ring) die are cylindrical. Extrusion granulation requires low moisture content. If the moisture content is too high, a drying system should be added to the processing process.

The main method to avoid caking during granulation by extrusion granulator is to use drying system, pretreatment of materials, addition of elements and other means to realize the processing and nondestructive preservation of organic fertilizer particles.

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