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Why support the development of compound microbial fertilizers?

Update time : 2022-03-22 Publisher:Tongda

1. The prospects of microbial fertilizers are very large, and they are not fully utilized in many aspects. "The United States draws a conclusion from a large number of data in decades: "Microorganisms can feed the world", using a reasonable population of microorganisms to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in the United States by about 20%. Not only can increase yield, but also improve quality.

2. The compound microbial fertilizer organically combines inorganic nutrients, organic matter, and microbial bacteria into one, reflecting the comprehensive effect of inorganic chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers and microbial fertilizers. The fast-acting nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements required for crop growth can strengthen the soil microflora, play a lasting role, have a significant effect of increasing yield, and can improve the stress resistance of crops, improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers, reduce River pollution, reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.


The agricultural waste is processed into compound microbial fertilizer, which mainly has the following functions:

1. Realize the resource utilization of agricultural waste. Agricultural waste mainly refers to livestock and poultry manure, straw and processed products of agricultural products, etc. These substances are rich in a variety of nutrients and organic matter. These nutrients can be used as microbial culture medium. Source transformation, cellulose decomposition, pathogen killing, heavy metal passivation and antibiotic decomposition, transform waste resources into high-quality compound microbial fertilizers, and realize the recycling of agricultural waste resources. It not only solves the problems of livestock and poultry breeding and straw pollution, but also provides high-quality fertilizer resources for agriculture.

2. Promote the balance of soil ecosystem. Due to long-term cultivation and environmental factors, there are many problems in my country's soil ecosystem, such as: reduction of organic matter content, compaction, salinization, and reduction of soil microorganisms. The fertilizers made from a large number of agricultural wastes are not only rich in organic matter, but also contain a large amount of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. These nutrients can solve the problems currently faced by the soil while satisfying the nutrients required by plants. , can effectively promote the balance of soil ecosystem.

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