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Why Use Microbial Fertilizers?

Update time : 2022-04-22 Publisher:Tongda

Microorganisms are all microscopic organisms that are invisible or invisible to the naked eye. They are small in size and simple in structure. Usually, they can only be seen with an optical microscope and an electron microscope about 1,000 times. However, some microorganisms can be seen by the naked eye, such as fungi Mushrooms, Lingzhi, etc. Microorganisms come in all shapes and sizes, and they exist in their own unique ways for their own survival and reproduction. Maybe you have never seen microorganisms, but do you know how milk goes bad? How is wine made? How is the food you eat digested and absorbed? Not even a trace? These are the microbes.

There are many types of microorganisms in soil, including bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae and protozoa. The number is also very large, there are hundreds of millions to tens of billions in 1 gram of soil. Most soil microorganisms are beneficial to crop growth and development. They have a significant impact on soil formation and development, material circulation and fertility evolution. Of course, there are also some unpopular pathogenic microorganisms. It is with the silent cultivation of soil microorganisms that the earth will have the endless growth of spring flowers and autumn fruits.


So what do microorganisms do in the soil?

1. Soil microorganisms can form soil structure Soil is not a simple combination of soil particles and fertilizers. As an active component of soil, soil microorganisms exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide through metabolic activities in their own life process, and secrete Organic acids, etc., help soil particles to form large aggregate structures, and ultimately form soil in the true sense. The flora composition, biomass and life activities of soil microorganisms are closely related to the formation and development of soil.

2. The most significant effect of soil microorganisms is to decompose organic matter. The most significant effect of soil microorganisms is to decompose organic matter, such as the residual roots and leaves of crops and organic fertilizers applied to the soil. Only through the action of soil microorganisms can they decompose and release organic matter. Nutrients are used by crops and form humus to improve soil structure and tillability.

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