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The use process of organic fertilizer horizontal fermentation equipment?

Update time : 2022-05-19 Publisher:Tongda

1. The organic fertilizer fermentation tank equipment is started by the motor controlled by the control system, which drives the stirring shaft to roll, and adds an appropriate amount of the material to be fermented into the tank through the feeding port. The spiral blade on the stirring shaft drives the material to turn over, so that the material is fully contacted with the air , while stirring, inject high-pressure gas into the tank through the air inlet to start the fermentation stage.


2. The organic fertilizer production fermentation tank control system intelligently controls the heating equipment to heat the heat transfer oil in a small range, the heat transfer oil in the bottom cavity is quickly heated, and the higher temperature heat transfer oil enters the side cavity through the connecting pipe The heat transfer oil in the final side cavity will also be quickly heated. After reaching the set temperature, the control system controls the heating device to power off, and the materials inside the tank can be fermented efficiently at a constant temperature. 

3. After the fermentation of the material is completed, turn on the hydraulic switch of the horizontal fermenter to discharge the material, and then use the feeder to assist the discharge.

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