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Why do we use organic fertilizer?

Update time : 2022-05-24 Publisher:Tongda

(1) Provide a variety of nutrients and have a long fertilizer effect. Organic fertilizers provide rich organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements for the growth and development of soybean pla continue to meet the needs of a large number of nutrients for flowering, pod-setting and swelling in the middle and late stages. Soybean growth stages.


(2) Improve soil structure and fertilize the soil. The organic matter in the organic fertilizer can loosen the compacted clay, reunite the loose sand, create good moisture, ventilation, and temperature con growth and development of soybean roots, and promote the growth and development of the ground.

(3) Reduce or control the harm of repeated cropping. Organic fertilizer not only can always replenish the soil nutrients, improve soil structure, to fertilize the soil, but also to eliminate toxic substances in the soil, thu harm of continuous cropping.

(4) Yield increasing effect. Practice has proved that application of organic manure can significantly improve soybean yield, typically 10% to 20% increase, the more barren soil, the gre effect of organic fertilizer.

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