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What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of pig manure organic fertilizer production line

Update time : 2022-06-22 Publisher:Tongda

Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment needs to be maintained regularly after a period of use. Tongda Heavy Industry will explain in detail the precautions required for maintenance: keep the workplace clean, and the granulation leaves should be completely removed after each organic fertilizer equipment test. and the residual glue sand inside and outside the granulation pot, clean up the glue sand and flying objects scattered or splashed on the organic fertilizer equipment, wipe clean the exposed processing surface of the organic fertilizer equipment machine, apply anti-rust meat paint, and put on the corresponding Shield to prevent secondary intrusion of dust.


The organic fertilizer equipment has no external oiling holes, and the gears and worm gears are lubricated with special butter for organic fertilizer equipment. The upper gear and the lower gear should be added with three-in-one butter once every season. When refueling, the cover of the gear box of the moving group and the cover of the transmission gear can be opened respectively). The sliding surface of the support gear box and the hinge joint of the bracket should be regularly dripped with oil for lubrication. The worm gear box and bearings have been filled with transmission grease before leaving the factory, but the gearbox machine should be thoroughly cleaned after each year of use, and all protective lubricants should be replaced.

Always pay attention to the operation of the organic fertilizer machine, there should be no serious abnormal noise, and there should be no metal friction sound. If any abnormality is found, stop using it immediately, check it, and use it after troubleshooting, and the corresponding reason cannot be checked. , the machine cannot be started. If there is metal friction sound, you can first check the gap between the granulating pot and the granulating leaf of the organic fertilizer equipment.

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